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Youth-power of the country
Created by Adminashram on 1/24/2015 8:42:25 PM

If the youth of this country is awakened, the power of this country will be awakened. When the youth-power of the country is awakened, there definitely will come a change in the country; Dharma will be saved; the nation will be saved. Whenever the youth of this country has woken up, Dharma has shown itself in its full glory.

Inspired by Param Pujya
Sant Shri Asharam Bapuji


By taking diksha from Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu, many have been elevated spiritually. There are many who have excelled in the material world as well. Virendra Mehta’s name has been recorded in the ‘Limca Book of World Records.’ He has been selected in the list of 25 unusual Indians according to the survey by the ‘Week’ magazine. He has memorized 80,000 words of ‘Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary’ along with their page numbers. He also attributes his success to the mantra diksha he has taken from Bapuji and the yogic techniques he has learnt from Him.ouths

Infinite number of people have made marvellous progress in their lives by coming in the holy company of Pujya Bapuji. Under the pious guidance of Pujya Bapuji, who has, through different philanthropic activities, greatly hastened the social development, the foundation stone of the ‘Yuva Seva Sangh’ has been laid. This sangh has been organized for the all-round development of the young generation.  Its auspicious inauguration and establishment was done by Pujya Bapuji himself, on 20th of September, 2009 i.e. on the pious occasion of Bapuji’s 45th Self-realization day.

During the programme, thousands of youngsters took the membership of ‘Yuva seva sangh’ and the process is still continuing.

All those who are interested in taking benefits of Bapuji’s divine spiritual guidance, should most certainly get the membership of this sangh. The age-limit for membership  is 16-35 years.

According to the ‘Yuva Seva Sangh Guideline’ the Yuva Seva Sangh is being organized at regional levels (villages/towns) around the country. All the interested youths initiated by Pujya Bapuji should participate in this mission and organize ‘Yuva Seva Sangh’ branches in their localities.

‘Yuva Seva Sangh’ has been established under Pujya Bapuji’s auspices for the all round development of youth within and without the country. To set up ‘Yuva Seva Sangh’ in your area ‘Yuva Seva Sangh Guidebook’ and membership application forms can be obtained from your nearest Ashram or from bookstalls set up by the Ashrams.

O promising youth of India! You can also become illustrious & celebrated! If you take on board the virtue of temperance, uprightness and dwell in the vicinity of a self-realized Sadguru, you too can succeed in the accomplishment of noble & splendid commitment. Take a leap ahead! Gird up your loins! Be self-disciplined… Adopt the virtue of celibacy in your life. Through the column of “Yuvadhan Suraksha program” (A project for conserving vigor of youth) enlighten the greatness of self-discipline to your brethren, friends and neighbors. Not only this, explicate the majesty of self-discipline to your fellow citizens also, so that they too can shore up the power of temperance and succeed in awakening their true majesty.


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