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That is knowledge, which leads to liberation
Created by Adminashram on 1/25/2015 11:56:25 AM

Strength and fearlessness are developed in the life of one who learns to repose in the pure Knowledge of Self and makes good use of his abilities. You should not misuse the facilities you get like loading dirty songs in the mobile phone you have. It is the job of loafers. The fashion of loading lewd songs, poems, obscene videos, photos and dialogues of lovers in mobile phones has ruined the lives of modern young men and women.


Swami Ramsukhdas used to say, “Nowadays ignorance is taught in schools and colleges. ‘I’ll study this…I’ll become such and such professional. Become rich even by deceiving others. Disparage and malign others to become great…’ Such foolishness is taught.”

Hence there is great importance of the Guru. Knowledge imparted by Guru is very important. How beautiful were the teachings Lord Rama received in the Gurukul! When he played a game he would signal Lakshmana to lose the game deliberately when he would see the other team on the verge of defeat. Rama, Lakshmana and their teammates would deliberately lose the game to make their rivals victorious. They experienced inner satisfaction even after losing the game. Both sides will be happy. And what happens today? Defeat the rivals by hook or by crook to win the prize. This makes the defeated team unhappy and enhances the ignorance of the winner team. Such a throat-cutting competition will increase stress, unrest and corruption; it will increase ego and conceitedness. Man will exploit man. Such a system of education was introduced in our nation by the British.

In ancient India, profound knowledge was imparted to students by Rishis and Munis. It made all live in peace and prosperity. Houses were never locked. Now the houses are not safe even with the best of security arrangements. Money is withdrawn from bank accounts with forged signatures. The education today teaches us to become big and powerful even by scamming. This education teaches us to become big & powerful by Bofors scam, Hawala kand, 2G Ghotala, and Koyala ghotala. And then they deceive and exploit people on mass scale to possess great wealth and high position; still their hunger for power and pelf is not satiated. They fight with one another, defeat one another and in this process grow old and meet death. They become ghosts after death and wander from place to place. Isn’t it rank stupidity?

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‘That is knowledge, which leads to liberation.’ That is real knowledge, which delivers you from passions, sorrows, worries, grief and the cycle of birth and death, and makes you one with the Supreme Self.

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‘It is hard to achieve a human body. Even if one achieves a human body, it is ephemeral. To have darshan of the beloved of the Lord in human life is still rarer.’

We have been blessed with very rare human birth with great difficulty. We should not fritter it away in futile mirth, mouthing film dialogues and watching movies. Death may come anytime anywhere. The shastras say that it is most difficult to have the darshan of saints, the darlings of the Lord. Try to have darshan of saints. Even after you avail yourself of darshan and satsang of saints, if you like mouthing of film dialogues and watching movies, you should be too ashamed to show your face. You should kill yourself by drowning. Get drowned not in the water of any river or ocean but in the water of discrimination and dispassion. Drowning in water may lead you to the species of frogs and fish in the next life. Get drowned in Knowledge, in prayer, in divine shelter. 

“What will become of me?” Don’t worry about your future. If you want, get worried about how to become immune to pleasure and pain; how to lead a simple life; how to become ‘Self-reliant in the matter of joy; how to become happy without being dependent on material things, persons, and facilities; how to experience oneness with your own Self; how to get united with the Supreme Self ? Strive to attain to this state. Don’t waste the time of your youth in futile mirth and gossips. Don’t lead your life with arrogance but with wisdom, determination, humility, austerity and self-restraint. Weed out your mistakes. Know God to be your own. If you are not able to weed out your mistakes and shortcomings, fervently pray to the Lord, ‘O Lord! I have this shortcoming. Weed it out with Your mercy.’

Your feelings, actions and intellect should be pure. If the intellect is pure, you will not like indecent pictures of lovers. You may fall into the trap of delusion with secular knowledge. Astral knowledge can trap you in astral attractions. But the Knowledge and love for Supreme Self and actions performed for attainment of such Knowledge and love will lead you to perfection and oneness with God. You will get direct experience of the oneness of yourself and Supreme Self. This is absolutely true.       




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